SEO Pricing: How Much Does SEO Cost in 2018? [Industry Research]

Joshua Hardwick Head of Content @ Ahrefs (or, in plain English, I’m the guy responsible for ensuring that every blog post we publish is EPIC). Founder @ The SEO Project. Article stats Share In May 2018, we surveyed the SEO industry to find out how much they charge for SEO services, and what pricing models they use. Here’s everything we learned from the 357 respondents. I’ll begin with our most significant finding… … Matt Cutts has left Google and is now in the SEO game. He offers his services worldwide and charges just $500-$1,000 per month. A bargain really, as I’ve heard he knows his stuff. I started with this example to illustrate that we didn’t just throw a survey into the air and blindly pull results in Google Sheets. We manually reviewed every submission to remove duplicates and spam, such as this Matt Cutts troll entry. Two other notable points: We disallowed anonymous submissions to keep the original dataset as “clean” as possible. All respondents had to give a company website or freelancing profile. We didn’t restrict the survey to our audience. We promoted it heavily on Facebook to reach a broader range of SEOs. We ended up with 348 “clean” submissions, from which I pulled insights relating to: Hourly rates Monthly retainer rates Per-project fees I delve into specific findings for each section below. But first, a few takeaways… SEO Pricing: 10 Top Takeaways Here are my top 10 personal takeaways from the data: Most SEOs charge a monthly retainer for some or all of their services. 74.71% of respondents charge clients a monthly retainer fee. Pricing for this varies significantly from country-to-country, but it almost never exceeds $5K/month (94.23% of all respondents priced their retainers at $5K/month or below). Many SEOs offer numerous pricing models, although the…

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