Law Firm SEO: 5 Things You Can Do to Start Seeing Traffic & Results

Alex Valencia 2.1K READS Is your law firm website guilty of bad SEO? I’ve witnessed it far too many times. Law firm got bad advice. The law firm didn’t do any link building. The law firm didn’t add any content – or, if they did create content, it ended up being incredibly similar to other content already on the website, low quality, and without purpose. Basically, their websites are just broken. Broken links, broken redirects, broken everything! The result of all this bad SEO? Not enough traffic due to poor organic search visibility. Sound familiar? But now isn’t the time to pass judgment. Now is the time to get it right. Ready to find out how? You’ll need to get links that drive traffic to your website. You’ll also need to get your technical SEO right. A content strategy? Yep, you’ll need that. And you’ll also need to do some good old-fashioned marketing. Here are five ways you can bail out your website and start driving more traffic and results. Now. 1. Connect YouTube & Your Website Correctly So many lawyers are creating and posting useful and helpful videos on YouTube. Yet many law firms are failing to link strategically from their YouTube to their website. This is a huge mistake. These are pretty much the easiest links you can get! YouTube is one of the most popular websites, with more than a billion users every month. Any link from YouTube is valuable. Although YouTube links may be nofollowed, remember our goal is driving traffic. We’re not worried about rankings right now. Two things to do here: Make sure you link to your website from your YouTube channel. Go through any videos you have posted. Within the description, be sure to link to the most relevant page(s) on your website,…

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