Javascript and SEO – Everything You Need to Know about Crawling, Indexing & Ranking

The relationship between JavaScript and SEO started a long time ago and has been a highly debated topic in the virtual world, mostly in the SEO circles. Creating websites using JavaScript to feature content was a big hit back in the days. Many developers used this technique, with some lacking knowledge on whether search engines can parse and understand that content.   Along the way, Google changed its methodology and standpoint regarding JavaScript. Everybody started to doubt whether search engines, like Google, are able to crawl JavaScript. And that was the wrong question to ask. The better question to ask is can search engines parse and understand the content rendered by Javascript? In other words, can Google rank your website if it’s made in JavaScript?     Before starting to answer this question, we need to get some things straight. First, we should talk about how JavaScript works and how it is implemented, then understand how a website using JavaScript can be properly crawled and indexed, then ranked and if search engines can do all those actions for a website using JS code.   What is JavaScript and How Does it Work? Crawling. Indexing. Ranking – The Three Musketeers of SEO Googlebot vs. Caffeine in the JavaScript Rendering Process How Javascript Affects SEO How to Make Your Javascript SEO-Friendly Conclusion 1. What is JavaScript and How Does it Work?   JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages to develop websites. It uses frameworks to create interactive web pages by controlling the behavior of different elements on the page.   Initially, JS frameworks were implemented client-side (front-end) only in browsers, but now the code is embedded in other host software, such as server-side (back-end) in web servers and databases, which will save you from a lot of trouble and pain. The…

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