15 Link Building Tactics to Supercharge Your SEO Efforts

Jeremy Knauff 4.5K READS Link building is still a vital component of modern SEO. I think it’s fair to say that many SEO practitioners would agree that it’s one of the most difficult components because the days of easily building hundreds or thousands of effective links are long behind us. Earning high-quality links from trustworthy and authoritative websites — the kind of links that are necessary to improve organic ranking — requires a disciplined and creative approach. You need to step outside of what everyone else is doing so that you can earn links that they don’t have, giving you a unique advantage in your organic search campaign. To help you earn plenty of valuable links that most of your competitors are too lazy to go after, I’ve outlined 15 tactics you can use to supercharge your link building efforts. 1. Get Readers Engaged with Your Content In the late 1990s, while still serving in the Marine Corps, we had to jump into below-freezing water during Arctic warfare training. You knew it would be intense, but until you plunged in, completely enveloped by the frigid water, you couldn’t possibly imagine the full intensity. Your feet broke the surface, and in an instant, you were completely submerged in a brutal cold unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. You stopped breathing, all of your muscles locked up, and your mind went completely blank. So what does that have to do with link building? Absolutely nothing, but it was a compelling story that got you engaged. If you want to earn quality inbound links, you need your visitors to be engaged and stick around long enough so they can see the value of your content. If they check out after a few sentences, you have almost no chance of earning a link. As Alan Bleiweiss explained…

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source https://andlocal.org/15-link-building-tactics-to-supercharge-your-seo-efforts/
Source: https://andlocal.blogspot.com/2018/03/15-link-building-tactics-to-supercharge.html

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