How to Make Your Website Stand Out From The Crowd – Designer Daily: graphic and web design blog

When you are creating a website, it’s no secret that you want it to stand out. An outstanding site gains points over the competition and is impressive to potential customers. A unique and attractive website gives designers a competitive edge. Developers add original and successful websites to their portfolios in order to attract new clients. The following tips will assist you to make your website stand out: Layout and structure A unique site structure or impressive layout will make your site memorable. However, this is no easy feat. Creating a unique website provides a visual challenge and the opportunity to stretch your developmental skills. Remember to keep information well organized and accessible while working on a unique site. When offering a unique site, development time may be increased as you encounter new problems. When designing a new site, use programs which are easily accessible to users. Many complex sites rely heavily on JavaScript, but this is not always accessible to users. Branding If your client has an excellent brand, this will assist your site to stand out. Branding aims to transcend a product, creating an emotional resonance with the user. Stick with your client’s branding guidelines, embrace them, and use the client’s logo on your site. If your client does not have original branding or logos and only has a choice of font, this makes it harder. Work with the message, color and font you would like your client to create. Use text effectively Using text to set your site apart is both complex and very effective. The content of a site reflects the client’s personality or corporate culture. Use text, video, subheadings and easy reading or legibility to set the site apart. Ask your client for copy that is well written and effective, showing a sense of warmth which…

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