Don’t Fire Your SEO Yet! 7 Signs SEO Failure May Be Your Fault

Stoney G deGeyter 1.8K READS One of my biggest frustrations about SEO is having the responsibility for a client’s online success without having the control over everything that is required to make them successful. Get a handful of SEO professionals and digital marketers in a room and you’ll likely hear this as their number one complaint.  Clients expect their web marketers to drive new business and traffic, while at the same time they won’t do what’s necessary to achieve those results. Now before I go any further, this isn’t going to be a scapegoat post. There are times when the lack of success falls squarely on the shoulders of the SEO. But I’ve been in this business long enough to know that SEO pros get blamed for things that they have no control over. So before you fire your web marketing team, make sure you know, without a doubt, that the fault lies with them. If you can make sure that none of the following items apply to you, then you’re free and clear to fire your SEO. If not, well, maybe you need to look internally before you stand firm in your certainty of where the blame lies. 7 Signs It’s You, Not Them 1. Your Campaign Is Too Narrow Ten years ago, you could get away with having a digital marketing campaign that focused only on keyword optimization and link building. But those days are long gone. Links continue to be an important part of a successful digital marketing campaign. Keyword optimization is still integral. But those two things alone will rarely get you the success you need with today’s algorithms. Possible? Yes. But it’s less and less likely due to all of the algorithm changes that have happened over the past five years. Today, you have to…

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