6 free tools for boosting your SEO keyword strategy

  Keywords are essential for inbound marketing. The thing is, it’s not easy finding the right keywords without help. A lot of online tools require you to pay a monthly or annual subscription, but there are perfectly good free alternatives out there, and it’s those we’re going to focus on. After all, what small business has good money to burn? Start with why, not what Before you start your search, make sure you know why you’re searching. Is it: For finding the right keywords for a blog idea you already have? Or Do you want to find the keywords that your audience might be searching to give you inspiration for what to write about in your content marketing? The six free tools for finding the right keywords that we explore in this post can be used for either, but before you hit the web, look within your own company for answers first. Who knows best? Think about it: who knows best what your customers are looking for? Your customers! Of course, it isn’t practical to ask every one of your customers what they commonly search for (although maybe ask a couple of your best), but there is another option: talk to your team. Your sales team will – hopefully – have kept notes from their discovery calls with your clients. These notes will include the pain points clients were dealing with when they found your company. Your customer service department also regularly talks with your clients. Ask them what the most common questions are and see if you can turn them into blog posts. Addressing these issues matches the last stage of the inbound marketing methodology: delight. Being intuitive and working out what your customers want before they have to ask for it is a sure-fire way to build their trust….

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source https://andlocal.org/6-free-tools-for-boosting-your-seo-keyword-strategy/
Source: http://andlocal.blogspot.com/2017/12/6-free-tools-for-boosting-your-seo.html

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