How Facebook Advertising Can Help Your Business Grow

Like it or not, we have had a ‘Facebook President’ in Barrack Obama, and we have a Facebook generation coming up. The power of Facebook is unavoidable. The social media giant literally helped President Obama get elected. When he was an unknown candidate from Illinois running for the Democratic nomination, Facebook organized rallies that were huge, starting a groundswell of support that ultimately landed the Senator in the Oval Office. When the company went public, they blew the doors off of the IPO. It was the biggest ever for a technology firm, and one of the biggest ever IPO’s in history period.

Facebook is an Internet giant that the majority of people online use and it can help you grow your business. That’s right; Facebook can be good for more than connecting with old friends and playing online games. Facebook is a part of the fabric of everyday life for the majority of the population, especially those between the ages of 18 and 45, prime advertising markets. So why aren’t you taking advantage of it?

Facebook advertising, if properly planned out, organized and implemented, can be an extremely successful part of any online advertising or organic SEO campaign. In fact it SHOULD be a part of any online marketing campaign. Think about it. You are a business owner, but how many people do you simply know that use Facebook? How many people don’t use Facebook? That is a sizeable part of the online market you are missing, in many cases where they are most active, if you are not getting your business in front of people there.

Facebook also allows you to localize your advertising so you reach people who are actually close enough to patronize your business. If you’re an online business or a global business, Facebook can also help your reach people all around the world. It offers the best of both worlds, which is important to small businesses especially. What good does it do to have people find out about your business if they can’t spend their money with you?

If you need help designing and implementing an effective online marketing and SEO campaign, can help drive traffic to your site, but not just any traffic, can help steer qualified impressions to your site. Qualified impressions are people who see your site that are most likely to convert to customers, which is what you really want after all. It doesn’t do you any good to have a million views if you get no sales! Contact, they can help you with an online marketing and SEO strategy that works, not just for traffic, but for your bottom line as well.


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