Miami SEO is Not Dead

The market is not a stupid beast. It was PT Barnum that said a sucker is born every minute. He wouldn’t last a second in the modern business world. Today the market is intelligent, educated and informed. People are hip to advertising tactics, scams and “tricks” that snake oil salesmen might use to sell inferior products and services.

Forget what magazines and other media vehicles like Consumer Products did to educate the market in regards to inferior products and services sold to the masses via superior marketing tricks, the Internet and Social Media have made the market a well-disciplined beast, keen to spot marketing and advertising gimmicks when they see them.

This means that in today’s world, marketers and those who have products and services to sell have to be smart, ethical, and creative. As the modern world is dominated by instant communications, the Internet and social media, the most important form of marketing a company’s products or services is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is a tool that online marketers use to attract web surfers and potential customers to their websites and social media positions.

But as the market and society are so well informed, so educated in regards to marketing techniques, so hip to advertising tactics, and frankly wary of anyone trying to sell anything, the question beckons, is SEO dead in the year 2017? Have people caught up to Miami SEO tactics? Do they understand keywords, density, proximity, linking and article campaigns and other SEO tools that many online marketers and business use?

The answer is who cares?

SEO will always be useful as long as people use the Internet. It will help people find a business before it finds other businesses. Good, creative SEO is like buying a spotlight that exposes and highlights a business that makes it stand out. Then it is up to the product, products or services to close the deal. The fact of the matter is, people have to see or be able to find a business, product or service to know it exists, and if they don’t know that it exists, how will they know where to find it, how to buy it or whether they should buy it?

SEO is the most important tool in the modern marketing belt. It IS the way that the majority of people find businesses, and the smart people in the market that surf the web today research businesses before they buy anything. So SEO is a tool that exists not just for businesses, but for customers as well, and that is why SEO will never die, not in 2017 or beyond!


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