Miami SEO Conversion Tactics

So you’re optimizing your website and trying to increase traffic flow. Your site is sharp and you have all the keywords in the right places. You have ads and backlinks out and working for you and your optimization specialist keeps throwing around terms you are starting to understand like SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and keyword density (the number of times keywords that attract traffic are mentioned in your web copy). Yet there seems to be one BIG problem.

While your website is climbing steadily up the rankings on the search engines and the traffic coming to your site is increasing at a substantial amount, sales are not increasing at all, or very little. Here is the one term that you need to understand thoroughly, it is frankly the only SEO term that ultimately matters to you as a business owner or administrator:

Conversion Optimization…

Conversion Optimization (SEO DEFINITION): The percentage of people that visit or are driven to your website that actually convert into sales or make a purchase.

Are sales not your bottom line? Are sales not what keep you in business, give you your cash flow and provide you with a profit at the end of the day? Sales are the reason that you invested in a website, that you developed an SEO campaign so that traffic would visit that website and see your products or services. But what good does all of that do to you if only a couple out of every thousand that visit your site make a purchase?

Unless you take careful consideration of your conversion optimization, and the people that handle your SEO understand and care about its importance to you, SEO can be useless, regardless of how much you spend. You must not only drive people to your site, introduce yourself to people and to the Internet, you must also convince them to buy your products and services.

As with any great Miami SEO campaign, conversion optimization can be maximized with a number of techniques and with an experienced staff that develops a creative campaign. But make no mistake, the bottom line for your business comes down to sales, and the bottom line of your SEO campaigns needs to come down to Conversion Optimization! When engaging SEO consultants or developing any SEO campaign strategies make sure that Conversion Optimization is understood and addressed, or you may as well go toss all that money into a wishing well. The results will likely be the same!




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