My Favorite SEO Tools for 2017

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, has become an advanced field, part artistry and science. SEO is an extremely competitive field now that so many people utilize so many tactics to enhance their websites and improve their profiles and search engine rankings. The competition is intense, so to be effective with SEO, one must use a myriad of different tools and tactics, and if the wrong tools are used, an SEO campaign can easily be doomed to fail from the start.

So what are the best SEO tools available in 2017, now that there are so many websites and the Internet is the number one way that people find and research businesses products and services? Well unlike the early days, when simply having a website was enough, now you must get your website to rank high enough in the search engines for people to be able to find your site. That is no easy task, with millions of websites vying to get a position on the top of the first page of a search engine in any given subject. No one tool or tactic is enough to make a website stand out from the crowd, a combination must be used, like a recipe, to cook a winning SEO dish. We’ll focus on 3 excellent SEO tools that will be huge in 2017, SEM Rush, Screaming Frog Spider and Agency Analytics. Here is a brief description of each SEO tool:

—->SEM Rush ( SEM Rush offers a comprehensive dashboard where you can get an incredible amount of SEO work done, which makes it easy when you can accomplish so much in one place. You can research the lifeblood of SEO, keywords, check your competitors SEO and keywords, construct quality links that deliver qualified traffic, and find out how your site ranks and compares to others. Specifically it makes one of the most important jobs in SEO, keyword research, a snap. It will check your site, any competitor’s sites, show you what works and what doesn’t in regards to keywords. You can even perform geographical keyword research with SEM Rush, which is extremely important in today’s world and with social media. It’s not just important to find out how you can rank, but how you can rank WHERE your customers are. It does no good for a New York based pizza chain to rank high in India. SEM Rush makes all of this type of research a snap, and is a must have, easy to use tool.

—->Screaming Frog Spider ( Screaming Frog Spider, aside from having perhaps the coolest name for a spider ever, is the absolute best SEO audit tool available on the market today. Aside from helping you audit your site to maximize SEO effectiveness, Screaming Frog Spider helps your organize your SEO work so navigating, updating and fixing your site is a snap. Screaming Frog Spider will index your entire site, take screen shots and even develop and implement a spreadsheet for your site and all of its pages. It will also find all of the things that need to be fixed on your site, like broken links and useless tags. As the site comprehensively spiders or crawls through every page of your site, it will essentially develop a map for you so you understand your SEO landscape, what needs to be done, what needs to be improved on and what needs to be fixed.

—>Agency Analytics ( Agency Analytics offers a more comprehensive SEO package than most other tools, one that is necessary in the modern era of the Internet that is as much dominated by Social Media and click through ad campaigns as it is by website SEO. Agency Analytics analyzes your ENTIRE online web presence, not just your website. It will help you improve SEO efforts on social media platforms, multiple sites, and it will even analyze ad campaigns that you run online to drive traffic to your site. Agency analytics will help you follow all rankings, audit your sites and other platforms, and will check links, integrating with Google analytics and social media platforms to provide you with a comprehensive SEO report. In the modern world dominated by so many different mediums online, where you have to have some form of presence in so many places. Agency Analytics is a tool you just can’t do without.


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